Reduce excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a disease characterized by excessive and inadequate sweat production. It is absolutely normal to sweat if you are in a hot environment or practicing intense physical activity. However, if you discover that during a normal day, and for no apparent reason, you are sweating a lot from your hands, feet, armpits or head, then you are likely to suffer from hyperhidrosis.

There is primary hyperhidrosis, the most common situation, and there is secondary hyperhidrosis. There is no truly known cause for primary hyperhidrosis as it can appear during adolescence and has an inherited mark. Secondary hyperhidrosis usually appears after adolescence and has an associated underlying medical condition. In these cases, further investigation should be done by your physician to determine the cause(s).

The treatment options for hyperhidrosis are varied, depending on the parts of the body involved. Your physician should assess the location and severity of the situation and select the best option.

It is common practice for any corrective action to begin with medical prescriptions to reduce sweating and can move on to more complex treatments such as, for example, iontophoresis (where small electrical currents are used) or injections of botulinum toxin. Surgery can be seen as the last resort to treat this condition.

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