Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery Results (-40kg)

Obesity surgery

Gastric bypass bariatric surgery results (-40kg). Another success story.

We present our dear Cristina who underwent her gastric bypass bariatric surgery.

This procedure gave the patient a second chance to enjoy life as she very well deserved. Cristina initially weighed about 97 kg and with the surgery she lost about 40 kg, now weighing around 57 kg.

Cristina decided to search for a clinic specializing in obesity. She found the references she was looking for with our bariatric team.

She took a long time to decide for surgery, not knowing if she would be able to commit herself to the changes that this surgery would entail, but today, she is grateful for making that decision.

It was a challenge for Cristina to relearn the meaning of “about me” and “about my body”. She made an investment in herself and her health and now she is happy with herself, confident in what she eats and in the choices she makes. She regained her self-esteem.

Take a look at the gallery for these gastric bypass bariatric surgery results (-40kg).

“Thank you to the whole team for the second opportunity to live a complete life.”

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