We present the case of our super-hero patient Júlio Miguel, 54 years old. Júlio was a weightlifter, but for personal reasons he had to stop exercising. From then on, he began to put on weight falling into a situation of morbid obesity, reaching a total weight of 186 kg. Today, Júlio weighs 82 kg, thus losing more than 100 kg with the surgery. Absolutely amazing.

Júlio’s turnaround started one day when his condition forced him to be assisted in a hospital. It was from that moment on that he was fully aware that he would have to do something about his health.

Júlio arrived at our clinic through the hands of our bariatric surgeon, Dr. António Sérgio, where he was evaluated for bariatric surgery, being recommended a gastric band.

With the surgical procedure, Júlio re-gained quality of life, and built the family he so desired.

“Before, I didn’t go to the beach as I was ashamed of my complexion nor could I find clothes that fit. Today I do everything like a normal person, without any limitations.”

“I am simply a happier man.”

Before and After

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