We present the case of Marta Cardoso. Her life changed at 34 after gastric band surgery at our clinic.

It all started one day when her 3-year-old son asked her to tighten his shoe laces. Marta had to sit down, and even sitting down she was unable to position herself to the point of being able to tighten the laces… at that moment, her son said to her in a genuine and naive way, “oh mummy, what a pity you are so fat, you can’t do anything with me, you can’t even play with me! ”

Marta was devastated. At that moment, her world collapsed. Acknowledging her son’s remarks, and instead of breaking down, this event gave her the motivation she needed to turn her situation around.

She searched a lot on the internet for someone who could help her. The feedback she read about the clinic and about Dr. António Sérgio’s ability gave her confidence and dispelled any doubts.

And if there were still any technical doubts or fears, all of these were dissipated when she stepped in the clinic of this ‘excellent physician and great human being!’

Before the obesity surgery she was 131.9 kg and at the moment she is weighing 65 kg!

“I thank Dr. António Sérgio for my life! Hypertension, pre-diabetes, tachycardias, anxiety attacks… all dissapeared whilst losing the pounds. ”

“And I thank Dr. António Sérgio for my ‘rebirth!’ I am a much more autonomous, independent woman, with a high self-esteem, entirely happy and fulfilled! “

Before and After

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