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What is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy is plastic surgery that aims to thin the face, and what is basically done is to remove the small bags of fat (bichat balls) accumulated on both sides of the face, leaving the cheeks less bulky, highlighting the apple cheeks and harmonizing the face.

Surgery to thin the face is normally done under local anesthesia and the cuts (of less than 5 mm) are made inside the mouth leaving no visible scar on the face.

The location where the fatty tissue is located is below noble structures of the facial region, therefore, the access happens through a small incision in the internal part of the cheeks, which facilitates the identification and manipulation of the Bichat, minimizing the risks.

Some tests are necessary before performing the bichectomy:

✔️ Complete blood count, so that possible infections or changes in the patient’s body can be detected;

✔️ Coagulogram, which can assess abnormalities in blood clotting time; and electrocardiogram, which analyzes the electrical activity of the heart.

Depending on the indication, surgical risk which is an assessment of the patient’s health conditions, may be requested.

Bichectomy is a quick surgery that lasts an average of 30 minutes.

In the postoperative period, the use of antibiotics, cold compresses at the fat removal site and gargling with mouthwash are indicated. It is important to maintain rest and avoid talking, as well as making physical effort.

After a week, the edema disappears and everything returns to normal.

The result of the bichectomy leaves a more well defined face and less volume in the cheek area, even giving the patient a feeling of weight loss.

The plastic surgeon points out that bichectomy is contraindicated for people with too slender faces, pregnant women, patients with liver, kidney or heart diseases, coagulopathies or people who have received radiation therapy in the facial region.

Once performed, the bichectomy is not reversible, since the removal of fat is definitive (bichat pads).

Bichectomy is a technique initially performed only by plastic surgeons.

However, there are other professionals who venture into it, such as dentists, leading to an increase in cases with complications. Therefore, we recommend that you do the procedure with the most qualified professional; in this case the plastic surgeon.

Bichectomy is a surgical procedure and as such should be performed in a hospital environment, like any other surgery.

Costs generally include the surgeon’s materials and labor. Always choose safety, not price!


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