Dr. Mariana Alcoforado

Exercise Physiology

Mariana Alcoforado, graduate in Sport Sciences – Exercise Physiology, from the College of Human Motricity, Lisbon.

Extensive training in the area of exercise in particular with special populations such as, obesity, geriatrics, childhood, pre and postpartum, spine problems, cardiac rehabilitation, post injury rehabilitation, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

Mariana has received additional education in Exercise and Health, Pilates and Power Plate.

Co-author of the book “Estratégias para Gerir o seu Peso”, several appearances in television programs (Bom Dia and Conta Peso e Medidas) and occasional contributor to magazines: Saber Viver, Prevenir, Activa, Visão, Saturday and Womens Health.

Monitoring and regular participation in national and international running events, namely 10km, 21km and Marathons.

Intervention Areas

Exercise Physiology and Weight Management focus on body composition and its relationship with the Metabolic System, deepening its content on the body’s responses to different stimuli, arising from physical activity, the type of diet, stress and lifestyle.

The Exercise Physiologist is prepared to intervene, prescribe and supervise patients with different pathologies or during different stages of life.

During a Physiology Consultation, the causes of the difficulty in managing weight are diagnosed. A Body Composition Assessment is carried out, through adipose folds and body perimeter measurements, where the amount of lean mass and fat mass is quantified. Your basal metabolism and healthy weight goals are also defined. Based on this anamnesis, it is possible to draw up a training and physical activity plan, as well as the best food strategies.

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