Coolsculpting + EMSculpt NEO + EMTone

Have you ever imagined being able to combine the best existing technology to eliminate fat, sagginess and cellulite?

And do it without any surgery, without any scarring, without any pain?

LIVIN ’BIG is a combination pack that offers you exactly that unique and innovative solution here in Oporto, Portugal!

Start by eliminating localized fat with Coolsculpting, a treatment of proven excellence. With this first step, you eliminate the bulk of the fat you have to remove and immediately start to decrease volume.

In the next step, apply EMSculpt NEO, an innovative treatment with regard to muscle building, which, by means of simultaneous radiofrequency overlapped with electromagnetic waves, is able to help remove an additional part of fat that cryolipolysis has not reached. With this step, you tone and shape the muscle component while giving your skin greater firmness.

In the third and last step, use EMTone, a top cellulite reduction equipment, to give your skin the perfect final texture.

This gives your body the most complete non-invasive treatment that exists.

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