Gingival Smile Treatment

Facial aesthetics - Gingival smile

Don’t like your gingival smile? Then fix it.

The gingival smile, also known as gummy smile, is defined when there is a distance greater than 3mm between the upper edge of the crown of the incisor tooth and the edge of the lip. This anatomical alteration has several causes, such as aging, vertical excess of the maxilla and / or mandible, deficient occlusion or lack of “white” lip and soft / bone tissues of local support. Depending on the ethology, treatment may require surgery. Minimally invasive techniques are commonly performed on cases without strict surgical indication.

Treatment can be done with advanced myomodulation with hyaluronic acid (if present) or with botulinum toxin. The option for the injection of hyaluronic acid versus treatment with botulinum toxin has several advantages, namely longer duration result (8-12 months versus 2-4 months with toxin), with almost immediate effects, reversibility and greater predictability of outcome.

Given its anatomical complexity, this technique should only be performed by physicians with experience in the field of aesthetic facial medicine.

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