Face Treatments

Discover our combination of facial rebalancing treatments
Reduce dark circles under the eyes through fractional CO2 laser or hyaluronic acid
Eliminate double chin through non-invasive treatments or liposuction
Blepharoplasty surgery can correct droopy eyelids
Correct gummy smile with botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid
Mentoplasy to solve prognathism or retrognathism
Fixing an over projected chin
Fixing the receeding chin


For those looking for a strong treatment for facial sagging and facial rejuvenation, Facetite and Accutite are minimally invasive options that offer a non-surgical facelift. They eliminate fat, provide firmness to the skin without leaving scars and with a short recovery time.

Then there is a world of injectables (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid) to produce a facial harmonization result, and which are often applied together with other technologies and/or minor surgeries for a full complete treatment.

Skinboosters, for example, are very popular to deeply hydrate the skin, with an effect far superior to cosmetics. Skinboosters rejuvenate and brighten skin as well as smoothing small wrinkles.

In our technological portfolio we also have Morpheus8 to reduce skin sagging. Morpheus8 produces deep subcutaneous tissue remodeling using fractional radiofrequency energy. Excellent for mitigating the normal effects of aging. For those looking for a lighter effect, we suggest the Forma bipolar radiofrequency, a treatment which is completely non-invasive.

For skin improvements, we have the fractional CO2 laser for a complete remodelling of the surface layer of the skin. The CO2 laser is used for both superficial treatments as well as for deeper more intense treatments. Completely renew your skin.

IPL (intense pulsed light) is used by patients looking to reduce skin irregularities, including sun damage, freckles, pigmentation and superficial vessels.

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