Body Treatments

Treat vaginal laxity with laser or radiofrequency
Reduce belly bloating with lymphatic drainage or EMTone
CO2 Laser Treatment for Urinary Incontinence
Reduce swelling with lymphatic drainage or EMTone
Get rid of localized fat with effective, long-lasting treatments
Tone your body with EMSculpt NEO
Increase buttock volume with or without surgery
Reduce cellulite anywhere on the body with innovative treatments
Treatment for excess sweating (hyperhidrosis)
Reduce sagging on your face or body with non-invasive treatments or surgery
Reduce abdominal loose skin after pregnancy
Eliminate belly sagging with or without surgery
Reduce sagging legs with a thigh lift or a non-surgical treatment
Get rid of the flabby arms with a brachioplasty or a non-invasive treatment
Reduce leg swelling with lymphatic drainage or EMTone

Our main body treatments are described in the BodySculpt section.

However, in addition to those treatments, we highlight Lanluma, for those looking to remodel the buttocks. Lanluma is an injectable collagen stimulator based on poly-L-lactic acid that allows for a buttock sculpt. Lanluma improves sagging, cellulite and gives an excellent texture to the skin.

We also offer other services such as lymphatic drainage (pre and post operative as well as maintenance) or treatments for hyperhidrosis (disease characterized by excessive and inadequate production of sweat).

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