Facial, body and gyneco

Combining advanced technology and specialized knowledge in rejuvenation, our highly qualified professionals are ready to help you achieve remarkable results in facial, body and gyneco rejuvenation.


Facial Rejuvenation

We offer a variety of safe and effective treatments that aim to rejuvenate the face, reducing wrinkles and expression lines (“Chinese mustache”, eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, neck wrinkles, etc.), improving skin elasticity and restoring the natural radiance lost over time.

Although there is always room for a specialized dermatological evaluation, so that we can indicate the most appropriate solution for your specific case, some examples of facial rejuvenation treatments include:


Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments


Facial rejuvenation surgeries


Body Rejuvenation

It is normal that body sagging can affect your confidence and self-esteem. In this sense, Living Clinic offers effective solutions to treat sagging skin (sagging arms, sagging legs and sagging belly) and help you achieve a more firm, toned and youthful body appearance. These solutions can include non-invasive treatments (based on microneedling treatments, radiofrequency, shock waves, electrostimulation, etc.), but also more invasive treatments, including surgery.


Non-surgical treatments for body rejuvenation

  • Morpheus 8 (combination of microneedling with radiofrequency)
  • EMSculpt Neo (combines radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energies)
  • EMTone (combines monopolar radiofrequency with shock waves)
  • Body radiofrequency (with Plus technology)


Surgeries for body rejuvenation

  • Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen)
  • Mommy Makeover (combination of surgeries to recover the body before pregnancy)
  • Liposculpture (use of the patient’s own fat to increase the volume of certain parts of the body and alleviate the effects of the body’s natural aging)


Gyneco rejuvenation

We offer safe and effective treatments, carried out by specialized physicians (gynaecologists), that promote vaginal rejuvenation (increased firmness of the vaginal walls and reduced vaginal flaccidity) and that also help resolve menopausal symptoms and problems such as vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, dyspareunia (discomfort during sexual intercourse), lichen sclerosus, among others. Main treatments include:


At Living Clinic, we are committed to providing safe, effective and personalized rejuvenation treatments to meet your individual needs.

Our clinic offers a welcoming and professional environment, where you can feel 100% comfortable discussing your concerns and rejuvenation goals with our physicians and specialists with many years of experience in this area.

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