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Clinical psychology linked to the study of phenomena that have to do with the human body image is an increasingly complex subject, involving cognitive, affective, social and cultural aspects.

Excessive body image concern is a phenomenon that is very present in society today and, thus the need to perform plastic and aesthetic surgeries arise.

Dissatisfaction with body image is also frequent, especially when we talk about obese individuals. Obesity is currently a public health problem worldwide, in which, according to WHO, excess accumulated body fat can affect health.

Excess fat results from successive positive energy balances, in which the amount of energy ingested is greater than the amount of energy expended. The causes can be of genetic, metabolic, environmental or behavioral. The consequences can be depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, dissatisfaction with body image, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, among others.

Thus, it is essential to carry out a multidisciplinary approach, where the areas of medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy and psychology collaborate with each other, providing physical and psychological well-being to each individual.

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