Eliminate body fat

Eliminate body fat with Coolsculpting!

Coolsculpting® is a method developed by scientists at Harvard Medical School who observed that low temperatures are able to modify the volume of fat tissue through its destruction – cryolipolysis.

Fat reacts to cold in a very particular way and distinct from the reaction that develops in muscles, bones, nerves and vessels. During the procedure, the fat cells crystallize and die, being over the next few weeks naturally expelled from the body.

As the cells are being eliminated, the body will decrease in volume in proportion to the eliminated fat, which is why the results are only noticeable after a few weeks.

Coolsculpting® can always be combined with other bodysculpt treatments. Be sure to go though our LookBook to see different Coolsculpting applications. 

Individual results may vary. This is not a weight loss procedure, but a volume loss procedure, and does not replace a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Cryolipolysis is a type of Bodysculpt treatment that uses a method of destroying fat tissue through the application of cold temperatures. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, comfortable and safe alternative to reduce the body’s fat layer. Cryolipolysis is not a method of weight loss, but of volume reduction. The clinical result of using the cryolipolysis method is evaluated by the loss of centimeters.

In most cryolipolysis treatments, a special device is used in the form of an oval cup applied against the fat to be removed.

The coolsculpting treatment can treat the following areas: double chin, arms, axillary fold, chest (in the case of men), back (bra fold), abdomen, flanks, inner thigh, buttock fold, outer thigh and knees.

The duration of treatment varies, but in most cases it is between 35 and 70 minutes. Almost always and in order to obtain symmetry, treatments are carried out in two areas. For example, the two sides are practically always treated and not just one: the two arms or the two legs. 


The Coolsculpting® machine from the Allergan laboratory (California, USA) is the only one in the world approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The percentage of skin complications caused by the Coolsculpting® machine from the Allergan laboratory is 0.027%, while all other machines cause problems much more frequently. So far, there are well over six million Coolsculpting® treatments performed worldwide.



This procedure employs controlled cold through an advanced control and monitoring system. The cold is carried out by means of suction applicators that use vacuum to pull the fat folds into it. You will feel localized cold at the beginning of the treatment for about 8 minutes, without ever being painful. At the end of the treatment you will massage the area that was being treated, in order to homogenize the cells.

The first step is to schedule an evaluation consultation (which is free) with your Coolsculpting specialists. In this consultation, a personalized assessment will be made to your profile, assessing where the areas or problems are to be addressed, so that in the end an appropriate treatment plan can be established.

Each Coolsculpting cycle has a reference value of €500.

However, the total value of the Coolsculpting treatment varies from case to case and according to the number of applications required and the type of recommended applicator.

Therefore, to determine the total budget for your case, a face-to-face evaluation with the Coolsculpting specialist is always recommended.

The great advantage of this type of localized fat destruction treatment is that, as a rule, results can be achieved in just 1 session, without risks or complications.

Significant improvement in body contour with multiple cycles of CoolSculpting: Results of a prospective study (February 2021)

The study shows that multiple cycles/sessions of CoolSculpting can safely improve overall treatment benefit in body contouring, with greater decreases in skinfold thickness than have typically been previously observed.

La grasa localizada desaparece con CoolSculpting Elite, lo último en tecnología médica de Allergan Aesthetics (March 2021)

El nuevo CoolSculpting® Elite incorpora un diseño actualizado en todo el sistema, la interfaz y los aplicadores.

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