Gastric Sleeve

Removal of part of the stomach, leaving it in the shape of a tube

The gastric sleeve is a type of bariatric surgery that involves removing part of the stomach, leaving it in the shape of a tube or hose.

During the operation, the left part of the stomach is removed, which reduces its ability to store food and, consequently, helps with weight loss.

The procedure is performed via laparoscopy, using small incisions, which reduces the patient’s hospital stay and recovery time.


Who is the Gastric Sleeve recommended for?

It is important to note that the Gastric Sleeve is indicated for people with the following characteristics:

  • Body Mass Index > 60 kg/m2
  • Severe comorbid illnesses
  • Advanced age
  • Unfavorable anatomy such as liver cirrhosis, intense abdominal adhesion causing poor exposure.


What are the risks and possible complications of the Gastric Sleeve?

The main possible complications of surgery are stomach fistula and hemorrhage.


Which doctor performs bariatric surgery through the Gastric Sleeve?

Living Clinic’s bariatric surgery team is led by surgeon Dr. Luís Sá Vinhas.


Gastric Sleeve: Before and After

Discover the case of Elisabete, who lost 35kg after bariatric surgery using the Gastric Sleeve.


sleeve gastrico antes e depois


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The gastric sleeve is a purely restrictive operation, reducing the size of the gastric reservoir to a value between 60 and 100 mls.

Another action thought to be attributable to it is the reduction in the plasma level of ghrelin (one of the hormones that regulates hunger), which could also be a mechanism involved in weight loss and not just restriction.

In almost all existing studies, weight loss is established within a year, partly maintained in the first 3 years, but with a high disease recurrence rate.

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