Breast augmentation

Improve breast shape and volume

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgery that aims to improve the shape and volume of the breast through placement of a prosthesis (breast implant). If in the case of breast reduction the main surgical objective is the question of health, in breast augmentation the pressing objective is merely aesthetic.

There are several types of prosthesis and these can be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. There are also three types of incisions – at the level of the armpit, around the nipple or at the level of the infra-mammary fold. Only after a rigorous consultation and with explanation of all these points is it possible to make a joint decision, between patient and surgeon.

In the postoperative period, the use of a specific bra is essential and the period of inactivity varies depending on the type of surgery performed and the patient’s activity. Although the implants do not cause any disease nor are they related to increase in breast pathology, it is necessary to have a mammogram every year.

It is one of the surgeries most frequently performed by plastic surgeons.

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