Breast reduction surgery

Reduce breast size with reduction mammoplasty

What is breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty)?

Breast reduction, whose technical name is reduction mammoplasty, is an option for women who wish to reduce the volume and weight of their breasts, raise the areola and nipple and, where necessary, improve their symmetry.

Breast reduction can alleviate physical discomfort, improve posture and restore aesthetic proportion.


What do scars look like after breast reduction?

The scars are round around the areola-nipple complex. A vertical scar from the areola to the sub-mammary fold and a horizontal scar in the groove, resulting in a total inverted T scar.

These scars become almost imperceptible after one year, especially the vertical scar and the peri-areolar scar (around the nipple). The fold scar, in addition to being hidden in the infra-mammary skin fold, will be smaller the smaller the amount of skin and breast tissue to be removed.

It is natural to have concerns about the scars resulting from the procedure. At Living Clinic, our commitment to your well-being includes not only achieving the aesthetic results you desire, but also ensuring a smooth recovery and minimizing the visibility of scars.

Scar care is not just limited to exceptional surgical work. We offer detailed guidance on post-operative care to optimize healing.


Is there a risk of having no sensitivity in the nipples?

With the techniques currently practiced, there is only a slight change in sensitivity immediately after surgery, which is recovered after 3 weeks. There are very rare cases in which a woman completely loses sensitivity in her nipple.


What is the recovery time from a breast reduction surgery?

Recovery time after breast reduction surgery can vary from person to person, depending on several factors, including the surgical technique used, the extent of the reduction, the patient’s general health, and how well she follows post-operative guidelines.

In the first few days after surgery, it is common to experience discomfort, swelling and pain in the breasts. The patient may need painkillers prescribed by the surgeon to alleviate the pain. It is important to rest and avoid physical activity during the period indicated by the physician.

Normal work and social life can begin on the 4th day after surgery and physical activity only after approximately 1 month.

You should not sunbathe during the 1st month or use a sauna during the first 3 months (on average).


Post-operative breast reduction

As the surgical procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis, you must remain for the time necessary to provide analgesics and check whether the drainage is working correctly (when there are drains).

You should wear an elastic bra that should only be removed 2 days later, when lymphatic drainage begins and drains are removed (when used).

You will feel some discomfort when moving your arms, something which is normal after breast surgery.

The stitches are removed after 8-10 days, and the elastic bra must be worn for one month, avoiding the use of underwire bras for the following 3 months.

Scars, in addition to being treated by the physiotherapist while performing lymphatic drainage, require some late care to become imperceptible, such as: use of moisturizing creams, regenerative creams, use of silicone sheets and use of elastic compression (usually the bars of the bra).


From what age can you have a breast reduction?

From the end of breast growth, around the age of 18, except in cases where there is great virginal breast hypertrophy, in which it can/should be reduced earlier.


What is the price of breast reduction?

The price of breast reduction varies depending on several factors. The most crucial thing is to understand the scale of your case. To find out how much a breast reduction costs for your specific case, schedule an evaluation with our plastic surgery team.


Breast Reduction Before and After

Examples of breast reductions can be shown anonymously in consultation.


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