Hair mesotherapy

Reduce hair loss

Hair Mesotherapy is usually the first non-invasive approach to the generalized treatment of weakened hair.

It is a medical treatment that consists of infiltrating the patient’s scalp with a compound rich in nutrients, which can be vitamins, amino acids and nucleic acids, which stimulate hair strength and growth.

✔️ Activates blood circulation;

✔️ Revitalizes hair follicles;

✔️ Induces accelerated hair growth;

✔️ Increases hair thickness and density;

✔️ Moisturizes the scalp;

✔️ Prevents premature hair loss.

In this type of hair treatment, the follicle is supplied with all the nutrients necessary for the production of stronger and healthier hair, contrary to the progress of the alopecia process, in which the hair is born thinner and shorter.

This treatment is administered through an injection applied to the scalp, exclusively, by a specialized and certified medical team.

The treatment for hair loss through mesotherapy assumes a minimum of 5 sessions that may or may not be associated with hair treatment PRP – Plasma Rich in Platelets.

When the treatment of hair mesotherapy is combined with the hair treatment PRP, the results are even better.

As there are no side effects associated with hair mesotherapy, there are some situations in which this treatment is not advisable, such as:

✔️ Pregnancy and breastfeeding;

✔️ Infection or wounds in the area to be treated;

✔️ Alopecia areata;

✔️ Autoimmune diseases;

✔️ Endocrine diseases, history of cardiovascular problems or allergic reaction to any of the essential components of the formula to be injected.

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