Gastric Band Before and After

Results of Bariatric Surgery (Obesity Surgery) with Gastric Band (60kg Weight Loss)

Before and After a Bariatric Surgery with Gastric Band (-60kg weight loss)

We present the case of our dear Sara Ruivo and her impressive results from a gastric band bariatric surgery (with 60kg weight loss). She is yet another example of strength, determination and a willingness to recover life she had lost.

Sara is passionate about ballet, she practiced throughout her youth, but in adulthood she started gaining weight and became obese, something which made her lose her abilities to continue to embrace her dancing passion.

The dreams of her life were still there, but it was difficult for Sara to be able to reduce weight, even with the “crazy diets”.

One day Sara came to our clinic for a consultation with our specialist bariatric team. Sara weighed 110kg and as such, she was offered surgery for gastric band placement.

Today she weighs 48kg, losing more than 60kg with this procedure. Her dreams are still alive, during all this time they were only asleep…



“I thank the entire team at the clinic for giving me the necessary willpower and specialized medical help to overcome this serious problem, which is obesity.”


In the gallery you can look at these gastric band bariatric surgery results (-60kg).

Before and After

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