Hair Transplant

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A hair transplant is a type of microsurgery that removes follicles from places where hair is abundant (donor zone) and places them where there is a lack of hair (recipient zone).

These are hair procedures made for over 50 years where several techniques have evolved over time.

The most used technique in hair transplants is the FUE technique. (Follicullar Unit Extraction). It is a minimally invasive, painless form of transplant that allows for a quick recovery with excellent results, as it does not leave linear or noticeable scars, thus allowing for the future use of very short hair.

With FUE technology, individual follicular units are transplanted, exactly as they are born in the scalp, from the donor area to the bald (receiver) area. Each follicular unit has, on average, two hairs, but it may have up to three or four hairs.

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