Deep skin hydration

What is a Skinbooster?

A skinbooster is an injectable hyaluronic acid procedure that deeply hydrates the skin and achieves cosmetic results that are far superior to those obtained using simple cosmetics, as it reaches the deepest layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to attract and retain water, which results in intensive hydration of the skin. This procedure not only hydrates the skin, but also stimulates the restructuring of the dermis, slightly increasing firmness and helping in the production of collagen, an essential protein for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and structure.


What is a Skinbooster used for?

Skinboosters were created with the main objective of offering increased skin radiance through deep hydration. The collagen stimulation that results from the application of hyaluronic acid may also result in a reduction of:

✔️ Signs of aging;

✔️ Wrinkles and other imperfections;

✔️ Dark circles under the eyes;

✔️ Acne marks.


Is a skinbooster a filler?

No. The hyaluronic acid injected in this treatment is of low density. In simple terms, the density or molecular weight of hyaluronic acid can affect its viscosity and ability to penetrate the skin. Low-density hyaluronic acid is more fluid and less viscous compared to higher-density forms, which allows it to spread more easily and be absorbed more superficially into the skin. This makes it ideal for deep hydration and improving skin quality without adding volume, unlike higher density forms, which are often used for dermal fillers that aim to add volume or alter facial contours.


Who performs the procedure?

All of Living Clinic’s non-invasive or minimally invasive facial cosmetic treatments are performed by physicians. In the case of skinboosters, the treatment will be carried out by Dr. Paola Halfeld, specialized in Dermatology with a focus on Cosmetic Medicine.

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Skinboosters are recommended for patients who want to increase the brightness and firmness of their facial skin.

The procedure is versatile and can be applied to men and women of different ages and skin types.

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. We recommend 3 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart.

Results appear about 1 month after the first session.

The price of a skinbooster application starts at €180 (price per unit). The number of units required for the complete treatment varies depending on several factors, which is why a in-person evaluation of the patient is necessary.

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