Facetite / Accutite Before and After

Facial Sagginess Treatment

Before and After a treatment with Facetite/Accutite and Morpheus8 for facial sagginess

55-year-old patient underwent a non-surgical Facelift (with Facetite/Accutite), followed by Morpheus8. The patient was looking for a facial sagginess treatment, as for a few years she felt she had developed an increased level of flaccidity in her facial contour. With the treatment, she achieved a strong improvement in the mandibular contour and creases as well as a significant improvement in the quality of her skin.

Facetite or Accutite work very well with Morpheus8 as they are to a great extent complementary and help boost each others results. The treatment is considered quite harmonious as the only minimally invasive moment is the Facetite or Accutite part. Morpheus8 is very well handled by most people and is usually not concerning.

Before and After

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