Coolsculpting + Liposuction & Bodytite Before and After

Reducing abdominal fat with a combination of treatments

Before and After Coolsculpting + Liposuction & Bodytite 

This is a rare clinical case of a patient who performed abdominal Coolsculpting treatment followed by a Liposuction, conjugated with Bodytite.


The gallery below shows images of:

  1. Before and after Coolsculpting; 
  2. Before and After Lipoaspiration & Bodytite (but after the  Coolsculpting); 
  3. Before and after the total treatment.


The Coolsculpting was held in a single session in April 2023 and the reassessment images are from August 2023. For a more definite result and for presenting some flaccidity, more obvious above the umbilical, a liposuction of the abdomen and flanks was performed, conjugated with Bodytite. The application of this system, through the lipolysis assisted by radiofrequency, allowed to enhance the results, improving the quality of the skin and the abdominal contour.


An excellent example of what can be achieved with the treatments individually or together.

Before and After

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