Minimally invasive body remodelling

Improve your body and face with Bodytite!

Bodytite is an innovative platform that allows facial or body remodeling using RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) technology. It is considered an alternative to surgery, being a minimally invasive treatment carried out in a single session and without leaving a scar.

Would you like to have liposuction, but do not want to undergo surgery?

With bodytite it is possible to perform liposuction without surgery in complete safety and without leaving visible marks of the procedure.

Those looking for a strong remodeling of the body, elimination of fat and sagging but do not want surgery. Bodytite is the treatment that will give results closer to the surgical ones, with the advantages that recovery is much faster, does not leave scars, it can be done only with local anesthesia, the skin retracts considerably due to the radio frequency and at the end it is a safe and reliable treatment.

✔️ Fat and sagging;

✔️ Any area of the body.

A Bodytite intervention can be done in-clinic or in the surgery room, with local anesthesia or sedation. The main steps are:

✔️ Marking and registration of the area to be treated;

✔️ Application of anesthesia;

✔️ Bodytite cannula assembly (cannulas are not reusable). Cannula inserted in a 2-3mm incision and used to aspirate excess fat and fluids.

Bodytite requires a single intervention that can last for about 60 minutes. Recovery is quick, usually 2-5 days.

Results start to be visible after 3 weeks and progressively improve until 6 months. The durability of the result may be permanent, depending, however, on the patient’s future life habits.

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