Buttock enhancement

Increase buttock volume with or without surgery

Buttock enhancement is an aesthetic procedure that has gained popularity in recent years.

There are different approaches to increasing the volume of the buttocks, including EMSculpt NEO, buttock enhancement with hyaluronic acid or gluteoplasty with prostheses or with the patient’s own fat (buttock enhancement gluteoplasty).


EMSculpt NEO (non-surgical treatment)

The EMSculpt NEO treatment can be an effective option for increasing the volume of the buttocks (by increasing muscle mass), providing notable and natural results.

This treatment uses HIFEM and Radiofrequency technologies to tone the muscles in various regions of the body, including the glutes.

By directing treatment to the buttocks, EMSculpt NEO stimulates supramaximal muscle contractions, which are more intense than contractions achieved with conventional physical exercise. These intense contractions help to strengthen, tone and increase the volume of the gluteal muscles.


Buttock enhancement with fat or prosthesis (surgery)


Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure to increase the buttocks that aims to design and add volume to the buttock region for aesthetic reasons (loss of volume and/or fall), as well as correcting acquired deformities (trauma) or congenital (agenesis or developmental disorders) situations.

The objective is to achieve harmony and balance between the projection of the buttock, the curvature of the spine, the waist and the configuration of the hips.

Enhancement gluteoplasty can be performed using autologous tissues, that is, the body’s own fat (obtained through liposuction), or using artificial materials (prostheses).

There are cases in which, in addition to increasing the volume size of the glutes, the buttocks are also lifted.

  • Buttock enhancement with own fat (lipofilling)

Buttock enhancement with own fat (also called Lipofilling or Gluteoplasty with own fat), is a technique that involves transferring fat from areas of the body where there is excess, such as the abdomen or thighs, to the buttocks.

The procedure is performed with liposuction, where fat is removed and then purified and injected into the buttocks to increase volume and projection.

This approach offers natural and permanent results.

  • Buttock augmentation with prosthesis

In a buttock enhancement with prosthesis, silicone implants are surgically placed to improve the volume and shape of the buttocks.

Prosthetics can be customized according to each patient’s individual preferences and characteristics.

Prosthetic gluteoplasty provides permanent results and is a popular choice for those who want significant buttock augmentation.

Gluteoplasty is a surgery performed by Living Clinic’s plastic surgeons.


Buttock enhancement with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the human body and is known for its skin plumping and hydrating properties. In the case of buttock enhancement, hyaluronic acid is strategically injected to increase the volume and projection of the buttocks.

This procedure does not require surgery and the results are immediate and long-lasting, although hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body over time.

Buttock enhancement with hyaluronic acid is performed by physicians who are experts in Aesthetic Medicine.


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