Buttock enlargement

Gluteoplasty is the procedure for enlarging the buttocks. It aims to project and add volume to the region for aesthetic reasons (loss of volume and / or fall), as well as to correct acquired deformities (trauma sequelae) and congenital deformities (agenesis or development disorders).

The objective is to achieve a harmony between the projection of the buttock, the curvature of the spine, the waist and the configuration of the hips. Augmentation gluteoplasty can be performed using autologous tissues, specific to the body (fat – through liposuction), dermo-adipose flap, muscle flap) or artificial materials (prosthesis, hyaluronic acid – Macrolane®, etc.).

There are cases in which, in addition to the increase in gluteal volume, a lifting or gluteal elevation is performed.

It is important that there is lymphatic drainage of the area, which should start 2 days after surgery, sutures are removed 15 days after surgery and sport can be resumed normally after 1 month.

Within 72 hours of the surgery, the patient should sit as little as possible, lie down on the stomach and be standing most of the time. Slowly the patient can begin to to sit up, placing the weight on the front of the thighs and not on the buttocks.

The patient must use compression meshes in the gluteus region. The bruise and swelling should go away after a few weeks.

Scar is almost imperceptible as it is located in the groove between the buttocks.

Yes, by injecting fat from the patient himself in the same place where the prosthesis would be placed.

However, it is necessary for the patient to have abundant fat in order to lipoaspirate, treat and infiltrate to obtain the same projection that is achieved with a prosthesis.

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