laser co2 fracionado íntimo
Vaginal rejuvenation
radiofrequencia intima
Remodeling of the vaginal lips

Women’s gyneco aesthetic treatments are no longer taboo. Because in addition to the aesthetic component, they also offer a marked improvement in functionality and well-being. We have the option of laser or radiofrequency, depending on the patient’s needs.

The gyneco CO2 Laser is based on vaginal rejuvenation, which has proven to be effective in the treatment of vaginal and urinary tract problems, which tend to appear more in menopause, while promoting better sexual function and quality of life.

Votiva gyneco radiofrequency is aimed at all women who have given vaginal birth and have, to a greater or lesser extent, stretched the vaginal tissue.

At Living Clinic, these treatments are performed by gynaecology and obstetrics specialists with extensive experience in lasers.

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