Double chin treatment

Eliminate double chin through non-invasive treatments or liposuction

The so-called double chin, is an accumulation of fat and sagging in the region below the chin, which can affect both men and women.

We understand the impact that the presence of a double chin can have on your confidence and self-esteem, so we are happy to share the news that, fortunately, there are safe solutions with excellent results at your disposal.

How to get rid of the double chin

There are several ways to eliminate the double chin, including non-invasive (cosmetic treatments that do not require surgery) and invasive (requiring surgical intervention) solutions.

Both solutions are safe and effective but, naturally, they will have different prices, different recovery times and, in the case of non-invasive treatments, the results will be more gradual and spaced out in time.

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Double chin treatments

The aesthetic treatments with the most effective results in the treatment of the double chin are the following:

Non-surgical treatments

Coolsculpting (FDA-approved cryolipolysis treatment for localized fat removal);
Morpheus 8 (microneedling combined with fractional radiofrequency);
Face & Neck Radiofrequency (Forma Technology);
Injectable fat dissolving treatments (example: Aqualyx).

Surgical treatments


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