Gastric Bypass Before and After

Bariatric Surgery Results (Obesity Surgery) with Gastric Bypass (-35kg reduction)

Gastric bypass bariatric surgery results (-35kg). Before and After.

Gastric bypass (a type of bariatric surgery) was the solution found for our esteemed patient Elisangela Menezes, 41 years old. Another case that clearly shows the importance of competent bariatric evaluation.

Elisangela came to us in a state of despair. She had undergone surgery in Spain with a method that has no scientific basis. She was very sad because she had paid heavily and the surgery had not worked. On the contrary, after that surgery Elisangela gained weight, reaching 103 kg. And it was around mid-2020 that she sought out our help for an endoscopy. In that consultation, Elisangela asked the doctor if he could help her surgically, and the images below show these gastric bypass bariatric surgery results (-35kg), 8 months after the bypass. Today, Elisangela is at a stable 68 kg…

Before and After

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