Fractional CO2 laser

Fully rejuvenated skin

The fractional CO2 laser is used for skin renewal, from superficial treatments to complete and deeper treatments.

Indicated when a complete remodeling of the superficial layer of the skin is necessary while stimulating the production of collagen, thus improving the sagging and imperfections of the skin.

✔️ Sun and aging effects;

✔️ Improved skin tone and texture;

✔️ Expression lines;

✔️ Superficial / medium wrinkles;

✔️ Facial stains;

✔️ Scars from acne and other scars and stretch marks;

✔️ Greater firmness for the skin.

In 30 minutes without anesthesia or with anesthetic gel.

Results start to be visible after 2-3 weeks, with a progressive improvement over 6 months.

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