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We are a clinic in Oporto, Portugal, part of the experienced medical group Eurico de Almeida Health, a 50-year-old private family-owned unit. We offer state of the art solutions in cosmetic surgery and medicine, combining surgical procedures with non-invasive techniques aimed at maximizing patient results.

Physicians at Eurico de Almeida have, for many years, gained experience in cosmetics, mainly through the sister unit Clínica ORL Dr. Eurico de Almeida (an ENT clinic). Recent growth in demand has brought the need to separate the cosmetic unit from the ENT unit and form Living Clinic Dr. Eurico de Almeida.

As the name implies, Living Clinic exists to improve your quality of life and increase your self-esteem. Accounting for everyone, Living Clinic offers a wide range of solutions from Bariatric and Plastic Surgery through to the less invasive Cosmetic Medicine and Body Sculpting treatments. Living Clinic offers surgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive solutions, depending on the patient needs because all our work is personalized.

Our focus is on the application of methods and high-end technologies which have been scientifically proven and tested by the medical community and which we have validated. Our teams are multidisciplinary in nature, comprising also other areas and specialties such as dermatology, gynaecology, psychology and nutrition.

Throughout the years our medical group has received thousands of international patients from all over the world. Today, Living Clinic has been structured for health tourism, offering special packs for Bariatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery where patients make so much more of their stay by also visiting Oporto and the beautiful Douro region.

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