Non-surgical Facelift

Minimally invasive face remodelling

Facetite / Accutite is an innovative technology that works as a non-surgical facelift reducing face fat and sagging, giving the face a firmer younger look.

It is the most advanced minimally invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency to eliminate fat and give firmness to the skin.

No scars and short recovery time. The best option for those who want to avoid plastic surgery – Facelift.

Accutite applies the same technology to more delicate areas of the face and body where greater precision is required.

✔️ Facial and neck contour;

✔️ Skin sagging;

✔️ Small areas of the body.

In 60 minutes with local anesthesia.

Results will be visible after 1 month, with progressive improvement up to 6 months.

✔️ Eyebrows;
✔️ Lower eyelids;
✔️ Nasolabial fold;
✔️ Chin;
✔️ Neck;
✔️ Armpits.

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