Gastric Sleeve Before and After

Results of a Bariatric Surgery (Obesity Surgery) with Gastric Sleeve (35 kg Weight Loss)

Before and After Bariatric Surgery with Gastric Sleeve (35 kg Weight Loss)

We present the case of our dear 50-year old Elisabete Cunha. Elisabete is one of those inspiring cases in which her willpower and resilience were decisive for the success of her treatment. Before the bariatric surgery, Elisabete weighed 115 kg and today she weighs about 70 kg.

Before the surgery, Elisabete had tried everything, from diets to gyms, until she realized that she couldn’t lose weight in a balanced and sustained way. At that point she decided to turn to Living Clinic and consult with our team.

Elisabete’s doubts and questions about the surgery were numerous, but during consultation all issues were clarified.

Her results are truly extraordinary. Take a look below at these gastric sleeve bariatric surgery results (-35kg).



“Don’t be afraid to make an appointment and ask questions about everything, because you’ll find a fantastic team always ready to help. I owe them my life because they made me recover something I thought I’d never achieve again.”

Before and After

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