Facial rejuvenation

Reduce wrinkles and sagging and improve skin elasticity

At Living Clinic, we offer a range of safe and effective facial rejuvenation treatments that aim to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin elasticity and restore the natural glow lost over time. Our face rejuvenation treatments include:


Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments


Surgical facial rejuvenation treatments


At Living Clinic, we are committed to providing safe, effective and personalized facial rejuvenation treatments to meet your individual needs.

Our clinic offers a welcoming and professional environment, where you can feel 100% comfortable to discuss your concerns and facial rejuvenation goals with our physicians and specialists with several years of experience in this area.

Schedule an appointment to hear the recommendation of our professionals for your particular case and clarify all your doubts.

We are at Avenida Boavista, in Oporto!

Schedule an appointment to hear the opinion of an expert for your particular case.

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