Mommy Makeover®

Your body back

A mommy makeover is a complementary combination of cosmetic / plastic surgery procedures performed to help women recreate the body they had before they became pregnant.

The most performed surgeries are abdominoplasty (to remove loose skin and regain firmness in the abdominal area) and breast enhancement (which may include breast lifting and / or breast augmentation – mastopexy or breast augmentation). Liposuction can also be included to help sculpt the body.

Often, after childbirth, the woman’s body has some changes that seriously annoy them. In the breasts, resulting from weight gain, volume and breastfeeding, there may be a significant increase in breast volume that decreases with weight recovery, resulting in an excess of skin that gives the woman’s breast a sagging air or atrophy of the mammary gland.

In the abdomen, what is most bothering to most is the flaccidity and excess of skin, sometimes the stretch marks, the “apron belly” abdomen and changes in the shape of the navel. These changes negatively influence the woman’s self-esteem.

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