Fixing the receeding chin

Retrognathism is a facial condition in which the chin is retracted or positioned further back than normal in relation to the rest of the face. This condition can occur due to insufficient development of the mandibular bone or the lower jaw. As a result, the facial profile can appear disproportionate, with a less prominent chin.

It is possible to correct retrognathism through a mentoplasty (chin surgery) or through a non-surgical procedure, such as filling with hyaluronic acid, which is a substance absorbable by the body that helps to give volume to the chin.

Surgery to correct retrognathia

Surgery to correct a receding chin (mentoplasty) is performed through incisions in the vestibule of the mouth (in the gum below the teeth) so that there are no visible scars. Silicone prostheses will be placed subcutaneously to give greater volume to the site.

It is also possible to correct mandibular retrognathia using fat grafts.

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The scars are inside the mouth, not being visible.

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