Chin correction surgery

Mentoplasty is chin surgery. The chin can be altered in two ways: either it is underdeveloped (retrognathism), or on the contrary it is overdeveloped (prognathism).

The otorhinolaryngologist is more involved in correcting retrognathism, subcutaneously placing silicone prostheses that will give a greater volume to the site.

Plastic surgery also has the ability to correct this deformity using fat grafts.

Chin correction surgery is performed through incisions in the vestibule of the mouth (in the gums below the teeth) so that there are no visible scars.

You should limit food intake to liquids during the first week. Have some added care in oral hygiene, washing your teeth with a child’s brush and disinfecting your mouth regularly with elixirs.

In bone advancement we use general anesthesia. In prostheses, usually, local anesthesia.

Surgery implies a one-day hospital stay if bone advancement is performed, or on an outpatient basis when only prostheses are used. On average it is a surgery that takes up to 1 hour.

The scars remain inside the mouth and are not visible.

In order to determine the budget for the procedure, a concrete assessment of the patient’s problem together with the technique to be used are necessary. These will directly influence the cost of the surgery.

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