IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Bright, clean skin
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IPL Intense Pulsed Light is a laser treatment of intense pulsed light to improve and illuminate the texture and reduce skin irregularities, including damage caused by the sun, freckles, pigmentation and superficial vessels.

This type of treatment can be complemented with other cosmetic medicine face treatments available in our clinic.

✔️ Acne scars;

✔️ Surgical scars;

✔️ Stretch marks;

✔️ Sunspots;

✔️ Wrinkles and other imperfections;

✔️ Superficial blood vessels;

✔️ Rosacea;

✔️ Greater firmness for the skin.

In 40 minutes without anesthesia. We recommend 3 sessions 3 weeks apart.


Visible in a few days, and progressively better with sessions.

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