50 year old Male Abdomen Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis Results


Attention, men! 50 year old male abdomen Coolsculpting cryolipolysis results

José, now 51, is probably the most common type of case we see. Male, who had an active sport’s life in his youth, but in his forties began to increase his abdominal volume. And the volume trend is always to increase… Neither dieting nor exercise are able to reverse things, so what’s the solution? Coolsculpting, of course.

Coolsculpting is the most advanced cryolipolysis technology available that allows, in a completely non-invasive way, to freeze fat cells and thus eliminate them, reducing body volume. It can be applied to arms, thighs, abdomen, breeches, flanks, chin, or wherever there is fat to be eliminated. In addition, the application is simple and fast with the new Coolsculpting Elite machine from Living Clinic.

Below we show this 50 year old male abdomen Coolsculpting cryolipolysis results. In 4 months José eliminated almost all the volume of abdominal fat after a single Coolsculpting session. After eliminating the bulk of abdominal fat, the ideal for José will now be EMSculpt NEO that will tone and sculpt his muscles and eliminate the little localized fat that remains.

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