X-Wave Optimal

Improve skin appearance

X-Wave Optimal is a shock wave therapy (or acoustic wave) that is commonly used to help reduce fat and treat cellulite. Acoustic waves stimulate the breakdown of fat cells, creating new collagen and promoting an effect similar to a lymphatic drainage massage. The X-Wave uses acoustic pressure energy to achieve its result.

This system is used successfully in the treatment of certain types of cellulite. For a complete treatment of cellulite, we recommend EMTone together with X-Wave.

The X-Wave Optimal can also be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as Coolsculpting, to enhance the fat reduction results of Coolsculpting.

After treatment with X-Wave Optimal, the skin will be smoother with the renewal of collagen. But there are other benefits that can be felt, more associated with physical therapy rehabilitation, such as improving mobility, reducing chronic inflammation or even eliminating pain.

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