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This Privacy and Cookie Policy governs the processing of personal data of users (hereinafter referred to as ‘User’ or ‘Users’) collected in connection with the use of the website https://www.livingclinic.pt/ (hereinafter ‘website’) by Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda (‘Living Clinic’), as the Controller for the processing.

Living Clinic places the highest importance on respecting the privacy of its customers and adhering to legal obligations related to data protection. As such, Living Clinic is committed to ensuring that Users’ personal data is protected through necessary measures.

By providing personal data, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions available at [Insert Correct URL for Living Clinic’s Terms and Conditions of Use].

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the processing of personal data conducted by Living Clinic for the purposes described herein, encompassing personal information that can identify or enable the identification of a natural person, irrespective of its nature or support.

1. Collection of Personal Data

Users may access, browse, and use this website without the need to provide personal information. However, the utilization of specific website features, such as creating a user account or subscribing to newsletters to receive promotional materials and updates from Living Clinic, may require the provision of personal identification data (e.g., name, email, among others).

Living Clinic is responsible for processing the personal data of website Users in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purposes outlined herein.

This data will be collected, stored, and used by Living Clinic for commercial and marketing purposes, as well as for managing the contractual relationship with Users. The data will be processed to facilitate website usage, respond to user queries, make reservations for our services, and send newsletters as requested.

2. Personal Data Subjects Rights

Under applicable law and as data subjects, Users have the right to request access, rectification, and deletion of their personal data at any time. They may also withdraw their consent for future processing if consent was the lawful basis for processing, by sending a written request to: Av. da Boavista 117 6º, Sala 607, 4050-115 Porto.

User personal data will be deleted if consent for its storage is revoked, if the data is no longer necessary to achieve its intended purpose, or if data retention is prohibited by other legal reasons.

Data essential for invoicing or accounting purposes or subject to mandatory retention for legal reasons will not be affected and may not be deleted.

For exercising their rights, Users may submit written requests to the following address: Av. da Boavista 117 6º, Sala 607, 4050-115 Porto.

3. Personal Data Retention

Data is stored and used for the period strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, unless a different retention period is mandated by applicable law.

4. Sharing Personal Data

Living Clinic may share your data with contracted entities for the purposes outlined above, in accordance with the contracts concluded with them.

User data may also be disclosed to third parties when required by law, a decision of the National Data Protection Authority, another relevant regulatory body, or a court order. Data may also be shared to protect Users’ vital interests or for other legitimate purposes established by law.

5. Security Measures

Living Clinic employs its best efforts to safeguard Users’ personal data from unauthorized access. Security systems, rules, and other procedures are used to ensure data protection and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss, or destruction of personal data.

However, it is the responsibility of Users to ensure that their devices and equipment used to access this website are adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses, and worms.

6. Use and Privacy of Personal Data

Living Clinic ensures the security, privacy, and confidentiality of personal and other data provided by its Users.

User consent is explicitly requested to receive information about products and services that may be of interest. This authorization allows Living Clinic to use personal data for direct marketing purposes through any communication channel.

Living Clinic will not market or share its user database with third parties.

7. Responsibility

Living Clinic maintains this website. Despite our continuous efforts to ensure the quality of online content and services, we cannot guarantee that all available information is up-to-date and error-free at the time of consultation.

8. Access and Changes to the Website

Living Clinic reserves the right, without justification, to suspend, modify, add, or remove parts of the website’s content at any time and restrict its use and accessibility.

9. Links to Other Websites

The Living Clinic website may contain links to other websites of interest or partners. Living Clinic is not responsible for the privacy policy, cookie policy, or terms of use of these external websites. When accessing other websites, please refer to their respective information and conditions.

10. Complaints

In addition to other administrative or judicial remedies, Users have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Authority if they believe that Living Clinic’s data processing activities violate applicable legal regulations.

11. Questions and Suggestions

Users may contact Living Clinic regarding any issues related to their data processing and the exercise of their rights under applicable legislation and this Policy through the following contacts:

Telephone: 22 010 5700

Email: [email protected]

Address: Av. da Boavista 117 6º, Sala 607, 4050-115 Porto

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Living Clinic reserves the right to modify these terms governing the processing of personal data at any time. Any changes will be duly communicated on the website.

Date of Last Update: 14/09/2023

Cookie Use Policy

The website www.livingclinic.pt is made public on the internet by the company Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda, allowing visitors access to content and/or information regarding the company activity.

All information present at www.livingclinic.pt must be regarded exclusively as informative for visitors and is not intended as a substitute of professional medical counsel. Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda is not responsible for any damage material or otherwise that may occur directly or indirectly from following the website information. Each visitor is solely responsible for any actions or decisions taken based on website information, and recommendation is to always for professional medical counsel.

Through its brand “Living Clinic”, Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda promotes quality, rigor and actuality in the information supplied. However, Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda cannot guarantee that all information is up to date, true and exact whenever the information is given by a third party.

“Living Clinic” reserves the right to remove, totally or partially, any content or information from its website.

All intellectual property rights of content found at www.livingclinic.pt, including information, tools, web design, trademarks, author rights or any other intellectual property item featured on the website (as well as the website itself as an artistic multimedia creation), are sole property of Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda, with exception made to externally supplied content signalled as such.

Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda allows it visitors to utilize, visualize, print, download or store contents from the website when exclusively for personal use as long as reference of origin is made and that all copyright symbols and / or intellectual property reference information to the owner is used.

It is strictly prohibited to use website content for any sort of communication and / or distribution intended for profit or with commercial intent. All sorts of modifications or alterations to the content are also equally forbidden.

For any other use to the website content, other than those outlined and strictly permitted, a previous written consent given by Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda is necessary.

Access to the website is free.

Website users agree to make adequate and legal use of the website, as well as of its contents and services, in compliance with applicable legislation, agreeing to the present Terms of Use, in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Users shall abstain from:

  1. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of the website and / or of its contents, violating the present Terms of Use undermining rights or interests of innocent third parties. Users shall also abstain from damaging, rendering useless, overloading, deteriorating or otherwise stopping normal use of website services, documents, files or any other content stored on any computer system;
  2. Trying to obtain access to restricted website areas, without possessing the necessary legal access;
  3. Damaging material or logic-based systems of the website, of its suppliers or of any other third party.
  4. Introducing or disseminating across the network computer viruses or any other material or logic-based system capable of causing damage on the material or logic-based systems of “livingclinic.pt”.
  5. Trying to obtain, utilize and / or manipulate data from “livingclinic.pt” or any other third party or user.
  6. Distributing, copying, allowing public access through any means, transforming or modifying website content, without the written authorization of the legal owner of the rights.
  7. Suppressing, hiding or manipulating information on intellectual property rights, or any other data pertaining to the owner of the rights of “livingclinic.pt” or any other third party involved, as well as any technical protective device or mechanism that can be found in the website content.
  8. Obtaining or even trying to obtain content through other means besides those that have been instructed or made accessible for users, which in general are meant to reduce risk of damage to the website and / or its contents.
  9. Transmitting or making available to any third party, information, data, content, messages, drawings, pictures, sound or image files, photographs, recordings, software or any other material that violates and goes against the present Terms of Use.

The internet, and therefore “www.livingclinic.pt”, is subject to disconnections and interferences and anomalies which are not controlled or of the responsibility of “www.livingclinic.pt”. Visitors / users accept that no responsibility is attributed to Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda in the event of any damage arising from such situations.

Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda cannot guarantee continuous access to the website, or a correct visualization, download or use of the website page content, due to factors or circumstances that are beyond the reach or control of Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda.

Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda does not guarantee that access to the website shall be made without interruptions due to technical issues, nor is there any guarantee about the immunity of the website against hacker or virus threats.

Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda is not liable for damage, loss, claims or expenses related with:

  1.  Interferences, interruptions, line failures, phone failures, delays, blockages or disconnections of the electronic system, due to network deficiencies or overloads or any other cause of which Eurico de Almeida & Vieira has no control of.
  2. Delay, suspension or website access interruption due to technical or non-technical reasons.
  3. Illegal tampering through use of malware or spyware (or any other type of malicious software) through any communication means.
  4. Abuse of the web pages and web content of “livingclinic.pt”.
  5. Security breaches or browsing errors due to browser malfunctioning or lack of software updates.
  6. Using website services or content with information about the users that lacks truthfulness, up to date information, completeness or authenticity.
  7. A third party using a user identity for any sort of communication or exchange on the website.

Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda does not guarantee that “www.livingclinic.pt” shall work correctly on all devices, mobile or not, having no obligation to produce content for all existing devices on the market.

We do not offer refunds for any of the services provided by the clinic.

By using the website “www.livingclinic.pt” all users / visitors declare to have read and accept all terms in the present Terms of Use. Any relationship with Eurico de Almeida & Vieira Lda is to be made on the basis of these Terms of Use and on any applicable legislation in this business area.

Our website “www.livingclinic.pt” uses cookies to enhance performance and user experience. On this page we explain to you how we do it.

Cookies are small files placed in your computer or mobile device through your browser. In this way we are able to monitor pages you have been to and your preferences.

In the remaining text we use to the term ‘cookies’ to refer to any file that collects information this way.

All cookies we use do not collect any user identification data. Our cookies collect only generic information, such as how users arrived at our site or in which part of the country they live.

Cookies retain only information related with user preferences.

At any moment, the user may verify which cookies are in the computer, may eliminate the cookies or block their access. All of this may be done on your internet browser.

If you block our cookies you may experience difficulty in accessing certain parts of our website.

Cookies are used to enhance performance allowing for a faster and more efficient user experience.

Use of cookies is common and does not jeopardize computers. Cookies execute several functions, namely in helping website managers understand how the website is being used, easing navigation, saving preferences and in a general way enhancing user experience and guaranteeing that relevant content is shown.  

Analytical cookies: to monitor website use – number of visitors, most popular pages, time spent on website, etc.

Functional cookies: to save user preferences.

All cookies we use can be classified in two categories:

Permanent: cookies that are stored at the browser level on your device and that are used every time you visit on of our websites.

Session cookies: temporary cookies that remain in the cookie archive of your browser until you exit the website. Information from these cookies helps analyse traffic patterns on the web, allowing us to identify problems and to ease navigation.