Improve skin texture

Chemical peeling is a rejuvenating treatment that allows you to improve or eliminate skin blemishes or imperfections such as acne, scars or small wrinkles.

By chemical action the older skin is ‘peeled off’ and replaced with new and fresh skin, resulting in rejuvenation. Different chemical agents can be used depending on the type of skin and the intended objectives.

A few days after the treatment the old skin starts to peel and the new skin appears brighter, cleaner and renewed.

✔️ Solar aging;

✔️ Wrinkles;

✔️ Stains;

✔️ Scars.

In 30 minutes without anesthesia. We normally recommend 3 sessions.

Results will appear as the skin is renewed.

✔️ Skin redness after treatment;

✔️ Avoid sun exposure right after treatment;

✔️ You should avoid touching your skin or putting on cosmetics after treatment.

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