Dr. Carolina Alves


[Professional License #3803N]

Dr. Carolina Alves holds a degree in Nutritional Health Sciences from the School of Biotechnology of the Universidade Católica from Portugal.

Post-graduation in Pediatric Nutrition by the School of Biotechnology of the Universidade Católica from Portugal.

Certifications in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Psychoneuroimmunology from EMAC and Functional Nutrition from Nutriscience. Currently Carolina attends the Mentorship of Dra. Daniela Seabra on Functional Nutrition and the Nutrition Coaching Certification with Dr. Joana Carvalho Costa.

Intervention Areas

Area of Nutrition that deals with the process of reducing fat mass, always with the intention of maintaining muscle mass and nutrient balance throughout the process. During consultation, coaching tools are also put into practice so that the change is consistent and long-lasting.

Area of Nutrition that consists of reducing or resolving symptoms of gastric or intestinal origin. Examples of these are: constipation, abdominal distension, diarrhoea, flatulence, colic, among others.

Area of Nutrition that seeks the right balance of the analytical values and their long-term maintenance.

For example: solving vitamin and/or mineral deficits, balancing cholesterol values, glycated haemoglobin, fasting glucose, triglycerides, among others.

Area of nutrition that seeks to ensure the energy and nutritional needs of the mother and baby throughout the pregnancy process. The consultation also discusses strategies to avoid possible food contamination from bacteria (eg Listeria monocytogenes) or parasites (eg Toxoplasma gondi).

Area of nutrition whose function is to ensure nutritional and energy needs at the different stages of a child’s growth.

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