Dr. Madalena Iglésias


[Professional License #26237]

Dr. Madalena Iglésias holds a Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology from Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Performs Community Service at the Asas de Ramalde Institution (children from 2 to 5 years old).

Curricular internship at Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Valongo (HNSC) in the area of mourning and mental health.

Curricular internship at Centro Hospitalar São João (CHSJ) in the area of palliative care.

International internship at Universidad San Pablo (CEU) in Madrid in the area of psychocardiology, clinical neuropsychology and research.

Professional internship for the Portuguese Psychology Association, at the ENT Clinic Dr. Eurico de Almeida, in the area of otorhinolaryngology and psychotherapeutic intervention.

Currently practices psychology at Living Clinic.

Main interests are healthy eating, functional training, padel practice, psychology and nutrition podcasts, travel, photography and dancing.

Intervention Areas

Consists in the application of knowledge and methods from all practical fields of Psychology.

Aims to promote, maintain, prevent, evaluate and treat all forms of mental and physical disorders.

Its main instrument is the therapeutic relationship, which allows the individual’s self-knowledge, autonomy and well-being.

Psychology focuses in the power of the word and in the possibility of modifying behavior, through the mobilization of personal resources.

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