Significant improvement in body contour

A body lift is a circumferential procedure in which excess skin and fat is removed at the level of the abdomen and back.

Through an incision all around the body, not only the excess skin and fat located in the anterior region of the abdomen – as in an abdominoplasty – is removed, as well as the excess in the posterior region. In this procedure, it is customary to associate an increase in the glutes with tissues of the patient himself, without the use of prostheses.

A body lift is generally indicated in cases of significant weight loss and allows for significant improvements in body contour.

The surgery usually begins with the patient facing down on the stomach or laying sideways, and after the back region is finished the patient is again turned to the back-down position to be completed with the abdominoplasty, thus complementing the entire circumference of the waist.

It is a long and complex surgery that requires experience and routine on the part of the plastic surgeon.

In the postoperative period, the patient must wear compression clothing for about a month and must allow for a gradual increase in activity.

There will be changes in the suture line just above the buttocks (as a result of the patient’s tendency to stoop at the time of personal hygiene leading to a traction on the suture).

This usually leads to a wider scar in the posterior surgical area. It is also possible for there to be some numbness in the area above and sometimes below the incisions, some residual flaccidity and irregularity of the skin together with the common side effects of any surgical procedure.

Recovery is prolonged because of the requirement to avoid flexing the waist for a month until adequate healing has occurred.

The results are a significant improvement in body contour.

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