Breast lifting

Mastopexy or breast lift is a surgery that allows the correction of breast ptosis and consists of the removal of excess skin. The technique can be combined with the placement of a prosthesis. As in reduction mammoplasty, the vertical technique or the “T” technique can be performed. In the postoperative period, the use of a specific bra is also essential.

The “fall” of the breasts, known as breast ptosis, is generally associated with the distension of the breasts during pregnancy, significant weight loss and aging.

The correction for ‘falling’ breasts consists of raising the areola and nipple giving shape and volume to the breast. In this intervention, if breast volume is not excessive then it is not necessary to eliminate it. Only the excess skin is eliminated and the result is a firmer and improved breast.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis and it takes 2-3 hours. A compressive bra is placed immediately after surgery, remaining for 1 month. 2 days after surgery, lymphatic drainage can begin.

In order to maintain breast volume in the upper part of the breast for a longer period, during surgery a small prosthesis is placed to support the breast and counteract the gravitational effect.

In the preoperative period, all previous exams, as well as smoking cessation must be done 2 weeks before and after the surgery, as it may affect healing. The surgeon and anesthetist must be informed of all medication as well as of existing pathologies that may contraindicate surgery.

In general, mastopexy has a very well-tolerated post-operative period and the possible discomforts are easily overcome with current analgesics.

After surgery, the patient wears a bra and can, from the day after surgery have a normal life with exception to sudden chest movements.

The use of the bra becomes very comfortable as it offers a support that relieves breast tension that must be overcome with lymphatic drainage starting 2 days after surgery.

Upon the surgeon’s assessment, breast implants (prostheses) are placed when the patient does not have enough breast volume for a good aesthetic result.

Like any surgical procedure, mastopexy cannot be performed without leaving scars. Their size and visibility depends entirely on the amount of skin removal. Usually the scars are less visible after 6 months of surgery.

Yes, and they are essential for the disguise of the most visible scars. Skin care before and after surgery has a profound influence on the final appearance of scars.

To dampen the scars you can do laser treatments, specialized radiofrequency such as Morpheus8 or even acoustic wave sessions with X-Wave Optimal. In the vast majority of cases, these are a good combination to smooth scars.

It depends on the professional activity, but in areas of reduced physical activity, work life can begin on the 2nd day after surgery. For more active jobs, it is convenient to wait 7-10 days. Physical exercise only after 1 month.

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