Repositioning of the labia minora

Nymphoplasty, also known as labioplasty, aims to reduce the size of and reposition the small vaginal lips that are hypertrophied.

The hypertrophy of the small vaginal lips, in addition to the aesthetic repercussions, also causes problems at a functional level, such as discomfort during sexual intercourse and in the practice of physical exercise, as well as difficulties in the use of tight clothes.

The demand for surgery to correct the hypertrophy of the small vaginal lips has registered a great increase.

Women who feel uncomfortable because their labia minora are larger than the labia majora, are the most suitable to undergo surgery.

Generally, the surgical procedure for nymphoplasty lasts an average of 1 hour. In the traditional form, it consists of a simple surgery performed with local or epidural anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts part of the lips and reconstructs the structures, so that scars are not evident.

The suture of this scar is performed with absorbable threads, which dissolve over time and are absorbed by the body. So there is no need to remove the stitches later. In general, the woman is only hospitalized one night, being discharged the next day.

✔️ Psychological improvement

The discomfort of having the labia minora larger than usual is more psychological than physical. Many women feel very bad about having this situation, something which can even influence sex and make the woman ashamed of her own body. The surgery to reduce the small lips helps the woman to gain more self-confidence and self-esteem.

✔️ Fewer infections

Sometimes the small lips with greater volume, can promote the accumulation of secretions from the urine. In view of the difficulty of cleaning that region, this accumulation can lead to infections and even more serious diseases such as candidiasis. Therefore, many  women choose to perform the reduction of the small lips to avoid this type of discomfort.

✔️ Better sexual performance

When the size of the small lips is larger than normal, women may experience pain when having sex, which can significantly compromise their performance. In addition to the pain, there are also reports of embarrassment towards the partner, which can compromise pleasure. Therefore, after nymphoplasty, it is common to hear reports from women who have had their sex lives improved.

✔️ Sensitivity

Swelling and redness are normal in the first few days, but they usually disappear in the first 15 days. Remembering that each patient has an organism and reacts in a specific way to the procedures, it is important to follow medical guidelines strictly. The region may have decreased sensitivity after surgery, but the sensitivity returns after healing (30 days). Therefore, the sensitivity during intercourse will not be changed. Some patients still report an increase in sensitivity, but it is not known if there is any psychological factor for this.

The postoperative period of a nymphoplasty is simple, but there is some swelling in the region. Therefore, it is advisable for the patient to stay at home, avoiding work for the first five days after the procedure.

During the postoperative period, antibiotics and painkillers must be taken. To reduce swelling, cold compresses should be used. In addition, it is necessary to avoid very tight clothing, beach or pool for 30 days. It is also necessary to wait about 30 days to be able to have sexual intercourse again.

It is important to note that surgery to decrease the labia minora does not affect a possible pregnancy and also does not interfere with vaginal sensitivity. This is because the sensitivity is located in the clitoris and during surgery there is no manipulation or cutting in that region.

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