Thigh lifting

Rejuvenation of the thighs

Thigh lifting, also known as cruroplasty, allows for a rejuvenation of the thighs through excision of skin and excess fat.

It is a surgery performed more frequently on patients who have undergone significant weight loss. In these cases, the redundancy of skin that sometimes settles on the thighs is significant, with negative repercussions on day-to-day life and on self-esteem.

Cruroplasty is the procedure that removes this skin as well as excess fat. The incision is usually made between the groin and the knee, and can be linear, in the shape of a “T” or “L”. This is in the least visible area of the thigh, that is, on the inner side. In selected cases, it can be associated with liposuction.

Ina thigh lift, the scars are on the crease of the inner thigh, between the thigh and the vulva, with greater or lesser extension to the posterior face. Its size depends on the amount of skin removed.

Local anesthesia with sedation, so hospitalization is not necessary.

It is usually not painful, but it is bothersome and limits movements. If there is pain or discomfort, prescribed painkillers are used.

The period for full recovery takes 45 days to 3 months. It is contraindicated to practice exercise, sports or vigorous physical effort in the first three months. After three to six months, as with any other surgery, healing will be complete.

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