Coolsculpting Thighs Before and After

Localized fat reduction in the thighs

Coolsculpting Thighs before and after

As with so many women, this patient of ours was unhappy with the excessive volume she had on her thighs. And as with so many women, she had also tried to diet and exercise, but without getting proper nor lasting results. She decided to try Coolsculpting treatment on thighs and is exhuberant with the reduction in volume she obtained in a single session. In addition to reducing fat, she managed to improve the appearance of her skin, since the treatment also eliminated some cellulite that afflicted her, resulting in a smoother and overall improved skin texture.

The images below show these thighs Coolsculpting cryolipolysis results after just 2 months of a single Coolsculpting session…

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Before and After

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