Non-invasive Liposculpture: redefine body contour without surgery

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There is a growing demand for cosmetic procedures that can reshape the body and redefine body contour without surgical intervention. Therefore, non-invasive liposculpture is an increasingly popular option for those who want an effective solution without the risks associated with surgery. Interested? Keep reading…

At Living Clinic, a Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Oporto, we have at your disposal a comprehensive set of innovative technologies that provide truly surprising results.

Living Clinic has to offer a set of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, approved by the FDA, and from highly regarded brands such as BTL and Allergan, which have been hugely successful in the United States and around the world.

In this article we will explain what non-invasive liposculpture consists of, how it differs from other invasive and non-invasive treatments and other topics of interest to you, such as the price, results you can expect, etc.

What is a non-invasive liposculpture?

A non-invasive liposculpture is a revolutionary treatment that uses advanced technologies to reduce localized fat, modify body shape and improve skin firmness, without the need for surgical intervention.

Different technologies can be combined to create a personalized plan that meets each patient’s individual goals. State of the art technologies are Coolsculpting, EMSculpt NEO, EMTone, Fractional CO2 Laser and others that help modify the shape of the body and firmness of the skin in a non-invasive or minimally invasive way.

Coolsculpting: the core of the non-invasive liposculpture

Coolsculpting is the basis of the non-invasive liposculpture as it is used to destroy fat cells. This innovative procedure uses controlled cooling to selectively freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells.

Fat reacts to the cold in a very particular way that is distinct from the reaction that develops in muscles, bones, nerves and vessels. During a Coolsculpting procedure, fat cells crystallize and die and, over the following weeks, are naturally expelled from the body, resulting in a visible reduction in fat and a more defined body contour.

Skin tightening and body toning

To achieve a truly “sculpted” body contour, other non-invasive treatments can be introduced into the liposculpture to increase skin firmness and tone the body.

Among them, the following stand out:

  • EMSculpt NEO: EMSculpt NEO is a revolutionary treatment that combines radiofrequency technologies and high-intensity muscle stimulation. It stimulates fat loss and increases muscle mass, helping to tone and strengthen specific areas of the body.
  • EMTone: A non-invasive treatment that combines monopolar radiofrequency with shock waves that, simultaneously, attack all factors that contribute to cellulite, sagging and other skin irregularities.
  • Fractional CO2 Laser: The fractional CO2 laser will act to completely remodel the surface layer of the skin, at the same time as it will stimulate collagen production, thus improving sagging skin and imperfections.

In addition to these, there are other treatments that can be combined with Coolsculpting for better results.

Non-invasive Liposculpture v.s. Surgical Liposculpture

Surgical liposculpture or lipofilling is a technique that allows volume to be given to certain areas of the body by using the patient’s own fat as filling material.

To obtain the fat that will later be implanted, the “donor areas” must be liposuctioned, such as the abdomen, outer thighs or flanks.

The pure fat obtained will be infiltrated with a microcannula, subcutaneously or intramuscularly, through minimal incisions close to the areas to be treated.

After this procedure, a longer recovery period is required, and patients may experience some temporary swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

Both procedures aim to improve body contouring and aesthetic appearance, but the approach and technique differ significantly. The choice between non-invasive liposculpture and surgical liposculpture will depend on the patient’s individual preferences, the areas to be treated, the desired recovery time and the expected results.

It is essential to consult a Living Clinic specialist for a detailed assessment and discussion of available options in order to determine which procedure is most appropriate to achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

Benefits of the non-invasive liposculpture

Non-invasive liposculpture has a number of significant benefits compared to other cosmetic procedures. Some of the key benefits include:

  • No visible scars: Unlike traditional (surgical) liposuction and liposculpture, non-invasive liposculpture does not require skin incisions, resulting in no scars.
  • No hospitalization: In non-invasive liposculpture, hospital admission is not necessary. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatments.
  • Without general anaesthesia: Non-invasive liposculpture is performed without anaesthesia or with local anaesthesia (only for some CO2 laser treatments), minimizing the risks associated with a general anaesthesia.
  • No serious side effects: Recovery from non-invasive liposculpture is generally quick and comfortable, with few side effects. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or tenderness in the treated area, but these symptoms disappear within a short time.
  • Natural and gradual results: The results of a non-invasive liposculpture appear gradually, as fat cells are eliminated by the body and the skin’s elasticity recovers. This allows for a smoother and more natural transition to the new body shape, avoiding sudden and artificial changes.

Price of the non-invasive liposculpture

The price of non-invasive liposculpture can vary depending on several factors, including the area of the body to be treated, the number of sessions required and the combination of technologies used.

As non-invasive liposculpture is a personalized treatment, it is essential to schedule an evaluation at Living Clinic (in Oporto) so that our team can assess your specific needs and goals.

During the consultation, the specialist will carry out a complete analysis of your case, assess the area to be treated, discuss your expectations with you and recommend the most suitable treatment plan for you. Based on this information, we will give you a personalized quote.

Who is eligible for the non-invasive liposculpture?

Non-invasive liposculpture is recommended for people who want to improve the appearance of their body, reduce localized fat, tone the skin and strengthen muscles. It is important to note that non-invasive liposculpture is not a weight loss procedure, but rather an option to remodel specific areas of the body that are resistant to physical exercise and diet.

What result to expect

Non-invasive liposculpture offers remarkable results for those who want to reshape their body and improve the appearance of their skin. Although results may vary depending on the patient and the areas treated, there are some realistic expectations regarding the effects of treatment. Here are some common results patients can expect after non-invasive liposculpture:

  • Localized fat reduction: Coolsculpting, as a base treatment for non-invasive liposculpture, is highly effective in reducing localized fat in areas such as the belly, flanks, thighs, arms and back.
  • Enhanced body contouring: By combining Coolsculpting with other non-invasive treatments such as EMSculpt NEO and EMTone, enhanced body contouring can be achieved. EMSculpt NEO helps tone muscles and increase definition, while EMTone improves skin firmness, reducing cellulite and sagging. Together, these complementary treatments provide a more sculpted and toned result.
  • Improving skin texture and firmness: In addition to fat reduction, non-invasive liposculpture also helps to improve skin texture and firmness. The fractional CO2 laser, for example, stimulates collagen production and promotes cell renewal, resulting in smoother, firmer and more rejuvenated skin.

As already mentioned, the results of non-invasive liposculpture are gradual and natural. As treated fat cells are eliminated by the body over time, body contours become more defined and toned.

It is important to note that each patient is unique and, therefore, results may vary. It is essential to carry out an individual assessment with a specialist at Living Clinic to gain a complete understanding of the expected results based on the areas treated, your general health status and your specific goals.

Why choose Living Clinic for your non-invasive liposculpture?

At Living Clinic, we offer a unique and personalized non-invasive liposculpture experience. Our highly qualified team of doctors and aesthetic specialists is committed to delivering the best results, taking into account each patient’s individual needs and goals.

We use advanced and safe technologies, guaranteeing effective results and minimizing risks.

Additionally, we offer a holistic approach to patient well-being, prioritizing comfort, transparency and satisfaction at every step of the process. The Living Clinic team, which values professional ethics above all else, will provide you with clear and rigorous information about non-invasive liposculpture, so that you can make an informed and conscious decision.

After the non-invasive liposculpture procedure, Living Clinic continues to monitor the patient’s progress and recovery, providing ongoing guidance and support to ensure the patient is satisfied with the results achieved.

Non-invasive Liposculpture: Before and After

coolsculpting e emsculpt neo - lipoescultura não invasiva
lipoescultura não invasiva
lipoescultura não invasiva antes e depois
remover gordura abdominal

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If you are looking to improve the firmness of your skin, eliminate some localized fat, treat cellulite and/or improve your body contour, non-invasive liposculpture may be a suitable option for you.

Schedule a consultation at Living Clinic, speak to our doctors and specialists, and discover how this combination of treatments can transform your skin and body in a safe and effective way. Invest in your beauty and well-being with this advanced technology!


Diana Vieira
Diana Vieira

Diana has spent 15 years at the Dr. Eurico de Almeida Medical Clinics where she has performed several functions in support of medical services, as well as the coordination of aesthetic activities. In recent years she has dedicated herself exclusively to Coolsculpting receiving the Allergan Certified Specialist title and today she is probably the most experienced Portuguese professional in this area. She regularly participates in training programmes with Allergan.

She is currently patient manager and coordinator of the non-invasive procedures at Living Clinic.

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Dr. Sara Maia
Dr. Sara Maia

Dermatofunctional physiotherapist, specialist in facial and body modeling and rejuvenation, post-surgical recovery from plastic surgery and postpartum recovery. Areas of intervention: Emsculpt NEO, Coolsculpting, EMTone, Facial, body and vulvovaginal Radiofrequency, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), X-Wave Optimal, among others.

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