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Coolsculpting and Emsculpt NEO are two of the most effective non-invasive body treatments for reducing localized fat (in both cases) and toning the body (in the case of EMSculpt). Both treatments allow you to obtain results that would take months or years to obtain in the gym (or that you would possibly not be able to obtain, depending on the intensity and frequency of training).

However, there are some important differences between the two treatments, which we will discuss below.

What they are and what they're used for

What is Coolsculpting and how does it work?

Coolsculpting is an innovative treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate localized fat. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, meaning there are no cuts, needles or anaesthesia involved. Instead, Coolsculpting uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body over time.

Coolsculpting is the name of the Allergan procedure, which uses a cutting-edge machine and technology to perform cryolipolysis in a much safer and more effective way than the common cryolipolysis treatments found in most aesthetic clinics.

The great advantage of this treatment is that it is possible to obtain results in just 1 session. You can find several examples on our Clinical Cases page (all Coolsculpting cases presented were only 1 session).

What is EMSculpt NEO and how does it work?

Have you ever imagined lying down to rest for 30 minutes while a device performs 20,000 abdominal contractions for you?

EMSculpt NEO is a state-of-the-art body remodelling treatment (known as the number 1 Body Shaping treatment) that uses high-intensity electromagnetic waves (HIFEM+) to stimulate muscle contraction (electrostimulation), as well as radiofrequency to eliminate fat and improve skin texture.

This technology was developed by renowned scientists and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Before and After

Coolsculpting Before and After

Below are some clinical cases of Coolsculpting. You can find more examples on our Coolsculpting Before and After page.

coolsculpting flancos
coolsculpting flancos superiores antes e depois
coolsculpting barriga mulher antes e depois
coolsculpting gordura localizada antes e depois

See full clinical case: Coolsculpting in Female Abdomen

EMSculpt NEO Before and After

Below is a clinical case of EMSculpt NEO in the male abdominal region.

emsculpt neo antes e depois abdómen homem

Number of sessions

# of sessions needed with Coolsculpting

The number of sessions required for Coolsculpting varies depending on the number of areas of the body to be treated and the amount of localized fat. Typically only 1 session is needed to treat a specific area of the body and obtain visible results.

# of sessions needed with EMSculpt NEO

The number of sessions required for EMSculpt NEO also varies depending on the area of the body to be treated and the amount of localized fat. Generally 4 to 6 sessions are enough. For best results, a pack of 6 sessions is recommended.

Session duration

Duration of one Coolsculpting session

The duration of a treatment may vary, but in most cases it is between 60 and 120 minutes. In order to obtain symmetry, treatments are often applied in two areas. For example, both flanks are practically always treated and not just one, both arms or both legs.

Duration of one EMSculpt NEO session

The duration of each EMSculpt NEO session is approximately 30 minutes.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

Eligible for Coolsculpting?

Anyone who wants to reduce localized fat can undergo Coolsculpting treatment. However, results are most promising in patients with a BMI up to 35.

Patients who have allergies to cold, cryoglobulinemia, umbilical hernias, coagulation disorders, pregnant and lactating women are not recommended for Coolsculpting.

Eligible for EMSculpt NEO?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to tone their muscles and reduce some localized fat. However, results are most promising in patients with a BMI up to 35.

Although EMSculpt NEO is extremely safe and effective, there are some contraindications to the treatment. It is not recommended for pregnant women, people with metal implants/prostheses in the body, people with heart problems, epilepsy or other medical conditions that may be aggravated by electromagnetic wave therapy.

Furthermore, treatment should not be carried out in areas with skin lesions, recent scars, tumors or other conditions that may be affected by electromagnetic waves.

Body treatment areas

Regions of the body that can be treated with Coolsculpting

  • Double chin;
  • Arms;
  • Axillary Fold;
  • Chest (men);
  • Back (bra pleat);
  • Abdomen;
  • Flanks;
  • Inner and Outer Thigh (also known as culottes or in Spanish as cartucheras);
  • Gluteal Fold (also known in English as banana roll);
  • Knees

Regions of the body that can be treated with EMSculpt NEO

  • Arms;
  • Abdomen;
  • Glutes;
  • Calves.

Recovery period

In both Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO there is no recovery time, as the treatments are non-invasive. Soon after the treatments, the patient will be able to return to normal life.


Both treatments are non-invasive, very safe, FDA approved and virtually painless. None of them require anaesthesia, needles or incisions. Side effects are very rare.

Coolsculpting safety

Coolsculpting has a proven track record of safety and effectiveness: it is the only cryolipolysis treatment in the world with approval from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), scientifically proven and which already has more than 8 million treatments performed around the world.

There is a very rare side effect, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a complication in which fat cells expand and harden in response to treatment. PAH is very uncommon and can be treated with liposuction (insured by Allergan).

EMSculpt NEO safety

Emsculpt NEO is based on technology that also has a good record of safety and effectiveness. It is also an FDA-approved treatment and, despite muscle contractions being felt, it is a painless treatment. The EMSculpt NEO procedure is very similar to intensive training. However, your training will be lying down, relaxing throughout the process!

Expected results

Coolsculping results

A 27-50% reduction in localized fat is expected after a Coolsculpting treatment.

EMSculpt NEO results

An average reduction of 30% in localized fat and an average increase of 25% in muscle mass is expected.

When can I see treatment results?

Time for Coolsculpting results

In the case of Coolsculpting, results usually appear after 3 to 4 months. It may take up to 6 months for some areas of the body, such as culottes. The reason for these times is that the body will naturally get rid of fat cells that are killed during the treatment and such a process takes time.

Time for EMSculpt NEO results

One of the biggest benefits of EMSculpt NEO is that you will quickly see results. When you do not see results immediately (a few days after treatment), it is very likely that you will start to see them 2 to 4 weeks after the last session. It depends from person to person.

Price per session

Coolsculpting price

Each Coolsculpting cycle has a reference value of €500.

EMSculpt NEO price

We normally recommend a pack of 6 EMSculpt NEO sessions. The price for a pack of 6 sessions is around €950 for treatment in the abdominal area and €800 for the buttocks.

Combination of Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO treatments

When patients combine both treatments, they can achieve optimal results. If you have some areas of your body that would benefit from both fat reduction and muscle strengthening, using both technologies can bring great benefits.

While Coolsculpting applies cryolipolysis techniques to freeze and remove fat, EMSculpt NEO will take a completely different approach as it will help build muscle passively while also applying radiofrequency waves to eliminate fat cells with heat. In this way, we will be attacking the fat cells from all directions, thus maximizing the probability of treatment success.

You can see an example of the evolution of a patient who underwent the 2 treatments by clicking on the Coolsculpting and EMSculpt Neo Before and After page.

coolsculpting e emsculpt antes e depois
EMSculptNEO and Coolsculpting

See full clinical case: EMSculpt NEO and Coolsculpting

EMSculpt NEO is also often combined with EMTone for skin smoothing and cellulite reduction. This way, you can get the best of three worlds.

celulite glúteos antes e depois
In summary:
coolsculpting versus emsculpt comparison

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Diana Vieira
Diana Vieira

Diana has spent 15 years at the Dr. Eurico de Almeida Medical Clinics where she has performed several functions in support of medical services, as well as the coordination of aesthetic activities. In recent years she has dedicated herself exclusively to Coolsculpting receiving the Allergan Certified Specialist title and today she is probably the most experienced Portuguese professional in this area. She regularly participates in training programmes with Allergan.

She is currently patient manager and coordinator of the non-invasive procedures at Living Clinic.

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Dr.ª Sara Maia
Dr.ª Sara Maia

Dermatofunctional physiotherapist, specialist in facial and body modeling and rejuvenation, post-surgical recovery from plastic surgery and postpartum recovery. Areas of intervention: Emsculpt NEO, Coolsculpting, EMTone, Facial, body and vulvovaginal Radiofrequency, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), X-Wave Optimal, among others.

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